Youth ‘duped’ by govt over employment promises, says Khursheed Shah 1

SUKKUR: Senior leader Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Syed Khursheed Shah, has said the PTI-led government “deceived” the youth of the country by assuring them jobs, but it didn’t prove to be true, ARY News reported.

Talking to media here, Shah said the government ‘broke all records’ of taking foreign loans in a month.

The former opposition leader of the National Assembly said the PM had promised to answer the nation every Wednesday but nothing of that sort happened.

He also took exception to government housing scheme questioning how a person who could not afford a saver light would pay Rs 2 million for a low-cost house.

The PPP leader said his party transferred powers to the grass-root level during its tenure from 2008 to 2013. It was the first time that the presidential powers were transferred to the parliament, he added.

“We are silent that the government has come through vote, however that’s another debate how they got the votes,” he criticized.

He claimed that everything was being decided outside the parliament at the moment. “The opposition is with the government on the South Punjab issue,” he added.

Shah said the people were undergoing the worst times of any government in terms on unemployment and inflation.



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